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Business Processing outsource (BPO) expert

Job Summary/Basic Function

Expert in all aspects of structuring, service delivery and financial management for outsourcing. Repeatedly engaged by executive leadership to advice on sustainable and pragmatic outsourcing as well as extremely large-scale global business services organizational set up.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Director of Service Management. This refers to the senior executive who is in-charge of planning, purchasing and managing all aspects of service delivery for the business units. This person handles financial and commercial management, large-scale service operations, negotiation and contract management.
  • Contract Manager. This person is in-charge of constructing and monitoring any legal and commercial contract in behalf of the entire organization; specializes in handling contract management for large-scale service provision.
  • Product Manager. A product manager handles the planning and managing of sourced elements of the services of the organization. The one defines sourcing needs for specific services that will be good for the company.
  • Process Owner. The one who monitors and manages joint application and development of the business.
  • Business Representatives. These people define the business requirements, monitor service and handle budgets in behalf of a business or company. In addition, a business representative must have ample knowledge about the business functions of the company he or she represents; this person is in-charge of information gathering and definition.
  • Outsourcing, If not managed correctly, can be a major disaster. Roles and Responsibilities are the key for a great Outsourcing.


Requirements and skills

  • Experience: They should have business process experts who have grown into their role by participating in multiple projects that involved members from business and IT.
  • Modeling knowledge: Along with the knowledge of basic principles and theoretical concepts, business process experts should know modeling. They should be able to artfully describe objects, rules, and roles and should know modeling. They to relate them to your business process with a descriptive language from your viewpoint.
  • Tool Knowledge: An increased number of model-driven tools that go beyond the classical tools are hitting the market. Since the role of our outsourcing partner is to build the business process. They should be able to use SAP tools. They should be able to use those tools to impacts the level of granularity or modularity of the model. They should also be capable of implementing it within the same tool environment.
  • Internal and external expertise: The Company’s experts should be familiar with the internal structures, the evolution, the history and the long – term strategy of our business. They should know who or which unit would give them the needed support. Externally, they should be able to bring in fresh view, especially those that have a long-term positive impact on our business.
  • Communication: The expert need to have the ability to move diplomatically on the slippery floor of communication. They should be able to explain the terminologies to each team without compromising the facts required for decision-making and implementation. They should be able to break down complex facts to simple yet accurate definition.



  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, operations, engineering or other related fields.


  • 3-5 years of relevant work experience in business controls, governance and/or risk management.

Term of Employment: Permanent

Number required; one

What we will offer

  • Attractive salary
  • Exciting work environment
  • Capacity building opportunities
  • Opportunity to work with highly skilled international experts, and be part of a team that provides high-quality services and products.
  • A Great professional career path towards excellence.

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