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eTech as a Software Product Development Company

  1. Team of International experts more 20 years in software development.
  2. 27+ employees on board, over 20% of our developers are seniors.
  3. Mature quality management system and data security practices
  4. Competencies include Application Development and Application Integration.
  5. All Ethiopian teams will understand local needs and support
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Our Best Software Solutions

Software Product Development

Software Development Outsourcing

Software Maintenance and Support

QA & Testing

To meet the confidentiality, integrity, and availability requirements, eTech takes cybersecurity seriously and follows international/local best practices. We are convinced that cybersecurity should not be an afterthought. As a result, we incorporate security into every step of our process, from planning to deployment to post-deployment.

When the software is finished and handed over, the work is not done yet. From time to time, you will need to release new updates, fix bugs and add features and functionality. Ask your potential software development team about the maintenance and support. Look for a strategy that works for both of you to ensure that the software is maintained properly because that is as important as the software itself.

The software scalability means that the IT-solution is developed with an architecture that allows encasing the number of users without great losses in its productivity. To put it simple the scalability means that even if the number of users will be multiplied by 2, 10, 100 times your software will still put up with all the hard work without crashes. As an example let’s take the wonderful moment of joy when you realize that there are 1.000.000 users on your website and instead of crushing, it functions with adequate response time and still meets your business needs.

eTech Developers

When you buy eTech's software products, your company's intellectual property is guaranteed.

When using software development services, make sure to have a discussion detailing who owns the intellectual property (IP), and whether ownership is exclusive. Note that it’s quite common for custom software development companies to maintain a license to use the software they build. 

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