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Maintain business virtue for all, and engage by majority acceptable jobs only.


Ethiopians’ technologies needs can only be met by Ethiopians foremost, Give Value, respect and attention for Ethiopians effort, knowledge and innovation.


Progressively provide entire technology solutions in one table end to end.

Success Story

Idea Generation

Framing So Many initiatives and ideas get together and select top best ones.

01 February 2015

New Office, CA

Took 4 Months


Idea feasibility, VMV, Legalizing and establishing the company

16 May 2020

Got new project!

Took 3 Months


Selling of ideas to others by public launching and generating share investment

31 December 2015

New Office, CA

Took 3 Months


Developing initial products, Test the feasibility, organizing team and office formation

05 February 2015

New Office, CA

Took 1 Months


Normalizing & came to the right track, Synchronization, create eTechs working culture, set direction & appoint new resources.

05 February 2015

New Office, CA

Took 3 Months


Clarifying assumption, debating the way forward, restructuring,

05 February 2015

New Office, CA

1 July, 2021 onward


eTech is now in a position of performing, which shows in a year time it gets the right track. Develop products, participate on bid, organize strong team harmony etc…

July 1, 2021

New Office, CA

Our Story

Ethiopian high-caliber IT professionals from all around the country and the world have banded together to form a new company called “eTech.” eTech is envisioned to provide an end-to-end ethical technology solution to any business indiscriminately to all who needed any technology solutions.

Besides, it is devoted to contributing its best in changing the traditional tit for tat business set up to ethical business practices, which ultimately boosts mutual trust between companies and customers.

On May 16, 2020, the founding members held their first virtual meeting, which was attended by ten technological experts and came up with the idea of

eTech. The world was temporarily under lockdown due to the pandemic novel coronavirus (Covid 19), one of the agendas was to see how technical teams could support Ethiopians residing in rural communities who seem to have scarce food, no bank, and no market access, as well as those who work for very little income.

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