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Deputy chief executive officer

Job Summary:

Assist the development of the overall strategy of the company, take responsibility to improve company’s performance, and closely work to expand the market share of the company. Moreover, it endeavors to maximize the efficient utilizations of both financial and non-financial resources, create a work culture free of any partiality and treat all customers and employees without discrimination. Work hard to create an environment with zero tolerance for unethical business operations. The role will require a passionate, business-oriented technology leader who can provide strategic leadership and management in the design and development of the major technical initiatives that support strategic business programs and facilitate revenue growth. The DCEO will be able to get into the details while providing strategic, technical, and operating expertise and guidance, and bringing creativity, vision, and passion to the technology organization and its services. Along with eTech’s higher management team, the DCEO will play a critical role in the development of the company’s holistic business strategy (customer acquisition and retention, product roadmap development, infrastructure, and platform development), and then lead the development and implementation of technology that aligns with this business strategy.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Plans, organizes, leads, coordinates, and controls all the company’s planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation activities.
  2. Guide and supervise strategic planning officers to prepare strategic plan of the company and get approval of the CEO.
  3. Implements general policies established by the CEO; directs their administration and execution and report their implementation.
  4. Supervises the day to day operations of the company based on the established policies and guidelines.
  5. Plans and directs the company’s activities to achieve stated/agreed targets and standards for operational, financial, social performance, quality and legislative adherence.
  6. Developing strategic plans and setting timelines for evaluation, development, and deployment of all technical, web, and mobile services
  7. Identifying opportunities for all ICT Products and Services
  8. Supervising quality assurance processes, integration, and system tests and Establishing software development process and set objectives for the process with Mentoring team members
  9. Developing and implementing disaster and emergency recovery plans and Supervising workflow of IT department
  10. Supervising eTech’s standards for systems, Quality Assurance and Monitoring, Cyber Security, Infrastructure & Hardware, R & D and Training and Software Development
  11. Sharing technological visions, opportunities, and risks company-wide with studying current and new industry trends, technologies, and software development
  12. Define, architect, and execute the organizational and infrastructure plan required to fulfill the company’s business and technology strategies.
  13. Supervise all functional areas of technology including software design and development, enterprise architecture, quality assurance and testing, production operations and technical support, network and systems administration, and information security management.
  14. Designs medium and short term goals, programs, and strategies of the company and presents to the CEO; make continuous follow up of their implementation after approval.
  15. Creates active administration by developing specific operational policies and procedures which are consistent with policies and directives issued by CEO.
  16. Develops and installs organizational system, which helps in achievement of business targets and professional development of workers.
  17. Facilitates the preparation of the company’s annual budget and presents it to the CEO for approval.
  18. Ensure the design & implementation of capacity building work through trainings & education.
  19. Design strategy for the continuous improvement, growth, and expansion of the company.
  20. Oversee and Participate in marketing operation of the company.
  21. Ensures the accounting & internal control are performed in accordance with financial policy of the company; all company properties are registered; periodic counts are performed & reports are produced; annual financial statements are produced.
  22. Submits periodical reports to the CEO on the overall operations of the company; and
  23. Undertakes any other activities assigned by the CEO

Position Requirements:

Academic Qualification

Ph.D./ MSC/BSC, Bachelor’s Degree in one of the following areas: Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Telecommunications Engineering, Computer and Information Security, Computer Security, and/or Network Administration from an accredited university/college with eight (8) years’ experience or Master’s Degree in Computer Science or related scientific/technical field with five (5) years’ experience or Ph.D. in Computer Science or related discipline with two (2) years experience; or equivalent combination of training and other ICT related backgrounds


MBA/MSC/MA/Degree in Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Economics, Marketing Management or related fields with excellent IT knowledge Experience

/MSc/BSc, in Computer Science, Information Systems, or any ICT related disciplines or Management Information Systems, ICT Project Management having Pure ICT related backgrounds. Experience in ICT Products and Services development environment or working in Hardware, Network, Software Development systems are advantageous. Extensive knowledge and experience in managing ICT Products and Services Projects and Supervision on quality product development from Hardware, Platform, Network, System Development, R&D and other ICT Products. Experience of developing ICT Products and Services strategies for all ICT Products and Services work units.

Work Experience:

Minimum of 9 years of relevant experience in planning, Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluating activities in IT oriented companies of which 3 years on managerial position Additional Training:

Desirable Training

  •  Different ICT Certifications, Project/ program management and leadership & top level management related training

Competencies/ Personal attributes

  • Knowledge of strategic planning, development and execution
  • Demonstrated experience in executive interaction and building personal and departmental credibility · Considerable knowledge of business theory, business processes, management, budgeting, and business office operations to Manage ICT Projects
  • Ability to manage 3rd party vendors
  • Experience in a similar industry is an asset
  • Computer Training Certificate
  • Must have a strong working knowledge of management strategies, financial accounting, human resource planning, customer relations management, and implementation of new technologies
  • Good Managerial, Administrative and Coordination Skills
  • Confidence, Team building and Leadership skills,
  • Planning and organization skills,
  • Problem-solving skills and Attention to detail
  • Customer Service Orientation,
  • Ability to work independently as well as in team of multi-cultural backgrounds Competencies/ Personal attributes
  • Demonstrate commitment to the vision, mission, core values, aims, and principles of e tech.
  • Having strong strategic management knowledge.
  • Self-motivated and highly organized, detail oriented.
  • Being Flexible and able to work well under pressure
  • Having strong team leader and team player skills.
  • Having good facilitation, communication and coordination skills.
  • Multitasking and ability to work in stress full condition.

Technical skills

  • Having sound knowledge of strategy planning and performance Management
  • Having demonstrable knowledge and experience of resource management & marketing management ·
  • Consistently exhibiting accuracy and preciseness.


  • Fluency in spoken and written English and Amharic

Desired Criteria (An Asset)

  • Knowledge of IT, ICT, MIS

Number required:  1

What we will offer

  • Attractive salary

  • Exciting work environment

  • Capacity building opportunities

  • Opportunity to work with highly skilled international experts, and be part of a team that provides high-quality services and products.

  • A Great professional career path towards excellence

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