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eHealth – Electronic Health Record System

eTech Launches A new Digital Health Management Solution Called eHealth

Who we are

eTech is a local company that provides complete ICT solutions and is supported by Ethiopian technologists from around the world.

Currently, our company, eTech, is creating eHealth, to digitalize the health facilities in Ethiopia. The newly developed eHealth platform provides digital health information and promotes paperless services in health institutions. The application plays a key role in the digital health sector in Ethiopia, modernizing health care services, which will greatly help the health sector and reduce the cost of overall health facilities.

What goods have eHealth?

Boosting Healthcare service

eHealth is an iconic and innovative product of eTech that uses cutting edge technology and is developed with experts across the world in collaboration with clinical stuff. It aligns very well with eTechs core value (contributing to the society). The Application is developed based on MOH Standard dated July 2021 “Standard for Electronic Health Record System EHR in Ethiopia” and refer “International standard ISO 27799 Health Informatics”

previous studies(( shows that health care institutions which uses such electronic application and software gain፡

  • 30% growth in revenue by saving cost from 20-30%
  • 60% reduction in hospital acquired infections
  • 40% reduce in patient waiting time.

Accordingly, our new application will play a positive role in modernizing the health sector in Ethiopia by providing the following benefits.

  • Save lives, make healthcare accessible to all.
  • Improve the quality of health care access and service delivery using digital health solutions
  • Be a strong implementation partner and noticeable player in Ethiopia’s journey to Digital Healthcare
  • Bring the rich experience of eTech professionals in the diaspora to Ethiopia
  • Build an eco-system of integrated e-health products and services


What System works?

  • Patients easily schedule appointments and view their records through patient portal
  • doctors and nurses easily document patient diagnosis and order medications, lab
  • pharmacies easily dispense medications.
  • We are even working to send prescriptions to pharmacies electronically so that patients don’t need to take paper
  • it is available in English, Amharic, Oromifa, Tigrigna
  • high security including multi-factor authentication
  • it has alerts and decision support that in the end helps better patient care and saves lives.
  • it also helps clinics and hospitals better outcomes, decision making and cut down costs


It has different modalities starting from small clinics to specialty hospitals, for pharmacies and laboratories. also provide end to end solution including the necessary infrastructure and cybersecurity.  It offers different solutions where either the hospital can host the software on their own servers. For those that don’t have the capacity to do that, eTech can host it on its servers.

Finally, as a part of our social responsibility eTech will donate this system to 3 selected health institutions from selected health institutions to support the re-habitation initiative by the government and Ethiopians.  The selection will happen by collaborating with MOH directorate.

Please visit Business Info Ethiopia Review about eHealth Read More

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