eTech’s Executive Team

Shimeles Gebremedhin Kassa, CEO

CISA, COBIT 5 Foundation, CEH, CMC, MSCS

Shimeles Gebremedhin is a business and information technology professional consultant. He has a multidisciplinary academic and practical background in business and Technology with more than 15 years of experience in management, IT, accounting, budgeting, auditing and security in the banking and financial industries.

He is certified Management consultant, Certified Information System Auditor, Certified Ethical Hacker and He has got his Master’s Degree in Computer Science. Shiemlis is young entrepreneur who change challenges to business opportunity, who have got the opportunity to attend a Netpreneurs program in Alibaba Group, is part of the agreement with Ethiopia for the creation of Electronic World Trade Platform (eWTP). He is founder and owner of MASSK Group, successfully working on Business, Technology and Human Empowerment programs in Ethiopia, UAE and India.

Shimelis is highly motivated and engaged in cybersecurity and IT audit research, and strives to update current technology developments to keep up with the dynamically changing world and ever-increasing need for technology management. He has published more than 10 articles in local and international journals on business and technology. He has good experience on IT Security, IT systems Audit and IT Leadership projects.

Shimelis is a well experienced inspirational speaker, highly motivated person for community development initiatives; passionate to work with young people and women; has excellent interpersonal communication, well organized, system thinker and enthusiastic to always learn.

Estifanos Berhanu, Chief Marketing officer

MBA in Business Administration, BA in finance

Estifanos is a commercial driven hospitality & finance professional with more than 15 years of local & international experience with a bundle of international trainings. Joined eTech from Dubai Hilton corporate office to challenge himself in his passion for the world of technology. His last role was a Sales and marketing support specialist in a dynamic and competitive UAE destination leisure sales.

Estifanos has exceptional leadership experience proven with the 18 months on job project-based leadership training program completed in south Africa & Dubai. He believes in fulfilling customer need and want is a core of a successful business.

Kidane M. Tekle, Development Product Leader

Technology Expert, Solutions Architect

Kidane M. Tekle  an information technology expert with 17+ years of domain experience in local and international domains. He currently resides in Norway and is the lead technical expert responsible for the architecture and spear heading the development and operation of the Norwegian e-Infrastructure for Life Sciences.

Tekle has exceptional leadership skills as has been demonstrated by his leadership of multiple high profile technology projects comprising of elite professionals from different companies across multiple continents. He strongly advocates modern, technology enabled leadership and digital culture.

Tekle is highly driven, organized, solution oriented and enjoys creating novel technological solutions to complex real-life problems. Through his career, he has created solid solutions in the the domains of finance, education, health care and technology enabled management & leadership. Security, scalability and long term sustainability are of utmost importance to Tekle while providing an enjoyable user experience in his solutions.

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