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Fin-Tech&eCommerce Business Analyst

Job Summary:

As an Ecommerce and FinTech Business Analyst, the duties include generating online sales reports, analyzing trends in customer purchases, and evaluating changes in the online retail market. Also, present information to advertising managers and collaborate with developers to
help customize online transaction processes

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Collaborate with project managers and clients to understand/determine project scope and vision.
  2. Clearly identify project stakeholders and establish user classes, as well as their characteristics.
  3. Conduct interviews to gather user requirements via workshops, questionnaires, surveys, site visits, workflow storyboards, use cases, scenarios, and other methods.
  4. Research, review, and analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of existing requirements gathering processes and develop strategies for enhancing or further leveraging these processes.
  5. Input to production of test cases to ensure features and functions have been delivered to requirement.
  6. Analyze and verify requirements for completeness, consistency, comprehensibility, feasibility, and conformity to the overall business model.
  7. Drive and challenge business units on their assumptions around how they will successfully execute their plans. Distinguish user requests from the underlying true needs.
  8. Utilize standard templates to accurately and concisely write requirements specifications and to document based process flows.
  9. Translate conceptual user requirements into functional requirements in a clear manner that is comprehensible to developers/project team.
  10. Develop and conduct reviews of the business requirements with the customer community to ensure that requirement specifications are correctly interpreted.
  11. Assist with the interpretation of user requirements into feasible options, and communicating these back to the business stakeholders.
  12. Communicate requested changes, enhancements, and modifications of business requirements verbally or through written documentation to project managers, sponsors,
    and other stakeholders so that issues and solutions are understood and a change control process can be managed.
  13. Analyze all business systems for multiple projects, document all business specifications, participate in various meetings for system groups, perform tests on it, and assist to analyze all system defects.
  14. Analyze all internal and external business requirements, provide detail specifications for allFinTech and ecommerce sites, and manage communication with all participants in projects.
  15. Organize and participate in various department coordination meetings and assist all project managers to prioritize all development process and validate all results.
  16. Prepare documents for all FinTech and ecommerce business procedure and analyze all site traffic to recommend efficient marketing plans and administer all email programs and search
    enginemarketing activities.
  17. Supervise and document all interface requirements for functional department and analyze and recommend strategies to enhance projects and coordinate with digital marketing team and analyze all projects from conceptualization to implementation.
  18. Evaluate all creative products, develop all business timeframe and production schedule for projects, and develop various key performance metrics for all FinTech and ecommerce activities.
  19. Analyze and recommend improvements to all sites and prepare reports for productivity programs and coordinate with team to design effective test strategies to increase site productivity for all FinTech and ecommerce procedures.
  20. Design all everyday reports for productive pages and analyze all site to increase traffic to same and assist in customer acquisition for various programs.
  21. Perform analysis on all FinTech and ecommerce activities on weekly basis and identify all obstacles for customers in check out process and recommend improvements to same.
  22. Coordinate with all operations and marketing departments to achieve al financial objectives, design all online marketing programs for all consumer projects, perform analysis on return
    on investment, and position all merchandise effectively.
  23. Collaborate with ecommerce teams to perform and recommend improvements to site performance, prepare various ad hoc reports for multiple brands, and analyze performance.
  24. Develop and execute various new systems and provide enhancements to all existing systems and gather all requirements for facilitation of all FinTech and ecommerce activities and
    design user cases for efficient flow events according to regulations.
  25. Monitor all redesigning processes, ensure incorporation of all new technology to site, and perform research on all systems to improve processes and perform tests on new features and analyze all business requirements.
  26. Provide leadership and guidance for Web Dev teams on Project Scope, Acceptance Criteria, Definition of Done, etc
  27. Communicate with management team, development vendor and business area experts to improve product functionality, resolve issues, and improve consumer satisfaction
  28. Participate in planning and implementation of support and strategic projects and ProvideProject management input on task status, risk identification and mitigation, change management and impact analysis
  29. Coordinate and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to elicit functional requirements, modeling those requirements in an organized manner and communicating those requirements throughout the project life cycle
  30. Enhance test cases by analyzing project specifications and Define project tasks, resource requires, test plans and participate in quality assurance process
  31. Interpret data gathered from multiple channels including but, not limited to document analysis, workshops, site visits, surveys, use cases, business analysis, workflow analysis, social and vendor reports to provide insight.
  32. Escalation of usability and performance issues as required; maintaining ownership of issues through resolution
  33. Design and develop reporting and analysis that delivers actionable insights related to site performance, including recommendations to improve sales and profitability, understanding customer behaviors, and optimizing tactics and execution (i.e. marketing channels, real
    estate, navigation, onsite search, product recommendations, conversion funnel, site/device,etc.)
  34. Support ad hoc analysis needs and test & learn strategies related to the site to continue improving the customer experience and generate new sales drivers
  35. Perform other duties assigned to him /her by the immediate supervisor.

Position Requirements:

Academic Qualification

PhD/ MSC/BSC, in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information System, or any ICT and business related disciplines or, Project Management, Accounting/Finance, Business, Information
Systems, having ICT related backgrounds,

Work Experience:

Requires 6 years with BS/BA or 4 years with MS/MA or 2 years with PhD, experience with data visualization tools/toolkits, analytics experience, experience as an Analyst, or in role that required
significant Business Analysis, business analysis, project management and/or eCommerce experience required; experience managing online initiatives within the financial services industry , experience
as an ecommerce analyst using data analytics and generating reports, experience in the eCommerce space gathering requirements, including configuring and customizing an eCommerce system

Desirable Trainings

  • Project/ program management and leadership & top level management related training

Competencies/ Personal attributes

  • Ability to mentor teams on increasing team velocity and commitment to deliver the project on time, within budget and of high quality
  • Ability to translate business and technical concepts into functional specification documents
  • Experience with eCommerce platforms and an understanding of success factors
  • Identify and assess problems and solve them with a sense of urgency
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to analyze various inputs to help prioritize work
  • Ability to juggle multiple tasks effectively and efficiently
  • Ability to manage and coordinate production deployments with multiple teams
  • Proven ability to present ideas in a visually appealing form
  • Strong team player and ability to work with geographically diverse teams
  • Ability to translate customer strategies into business requirements and then into technical specifications
  • Ability to fit into a lean operating team with minimal supervision
  • Ability to work across multiple teams and coordinate efforts to deliver results
  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize and manage work across multiple initiatives
  • Ability to develop and sustain relationships internationally / across time zones

Technical skills

  • S/He should have a good ecommerce knowledge with the ability to convert business/functional requirements into logical business rules and functional requirements
  • S/He should be able to apply specific knowledge of the business and knowledge of systems technology capabilities to business problem solving providing operational support
  • Knowledge and experience of major integration points between an eCommerce application with Order Management, Warehouse Management, Financial and Retail Systems
  • Experience in launching and/or supporting a Global eCommerce platform
  • Knowledge and experience of business analysis tools such as Domain modeling, Use Cases, Activity Diagrams, Business Rules/logic, State machine diagrams, UML
  • Proficient in MS Office products (Word, Excel, Power Point, Project, Visio)
  • Experience with HTML and CSS knowledge essential as is XML, XSL and XSLT
  • Knowledge of online survey tools and research methods is a plus
  • Utilize strong knowledge of the underlying ecommerce platform to minimize customization
  • Demonstrates strong technical knowledge of ERP systems and other application systems, equipment capacity, limitations and operation time
  • Knowledge of the change management process and the software development life cycle
  • Experience with mobile applications and working knowledge
  • Working knowledge of eCommerce solutions, functions, business practices and of application integrations in a Web environment
  • Knowledge of Commerce platform areas like payment, product data, order management, web analytics, content management, promotions, and search Knowledge of Assist with monitoring online and mobile shopping trends, and maintain knowledge of competition and opportunities
  • Establishes knowledge of client business challenges and priorities to translate into opportunities
  • Working knowledge of uptodate Web technologies
  • Ability to debug data using query tools i.e. Access, MySQL, Oracle a plus



  • Fluency in spoken and written English and Amharic

Desired Criteria (An Asset)

  • Knowledge of MS Project software

Number required:  1

What we will offer

  • Attractive salary

  • Exciting work environment

  • Capacity building opportunities

  • Opportunity to work with highly skilled international experts, and be part of a team that provides high-quality services and products.

  • A Great professional career path towards excellence

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