Senior Officer, Human Capital & Admin (Aug 2023)

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Senior Officer, Human Capital & Admin (Aug 2023)


The HR and Administration Officer is responsible to ensure the operations of the secretariat in the head officer as well as in the project site functions efficiently in the area of planning, acquisition, development, motivation, contorting/monitoring and reporting of human resources. Besides, the officer is responsible for the proper general service functions of eTech S.C


  1. Develops, implements and interprets human resource policies, procedures and systems and ensure the consistency and harmony with the Global HR/OD framework and national labor legislation.
  2. Identifies the current and future HR needs of the company and designs appropriate recruitment, selection and development strategies.
  3. Coordinates the recruitment, selection, placement and induction processes in line with the company’s requirements.
  4. Coordinate the development and implementation of performance management systems including facilitating feedback and development planning processes.
  5. Undertakes periodic HR system reviews including job analysis, evaluation, remuneration policies and procedures to ensure external competitiveness and internal equity.
  6. Oversees the proper implementation of employee welfare and wellness services including medical schemes, insurance, security and work life balance.
  7. Oversees the proper implementation of HR information systems, records, reports including availability and accuracy of information there of
  8. Oversee the proper implementation of employee orientation services in the company.
  9. oversees the proper implementation training and development function of the company;
  10. Ensures that employee grievances are fairly and properly addressed.
  11. Conduct employee satisfaction surveys periodically as may be appropriate.
  12. Ensure the proper arrangement of human resource archives.
  13. Reviews and propose renewal /termination of employment contracts following the company’s strategic direction and availability of funds.
  14. Maintain proper employee records and produce periodic HR reports as required.
  15. Ensures annual performance appraisal of staff in the company is being carried out.
  16. Resolves human resource problems such as work related disputes & conflict.
  17. Conduct regular meetings with Finance& Admin Manager to discuss ways and means of improving work systems of the company.
  18. Perform other duties assigned to him /her by the immediate supervisor.

Job Requirements


MA/MBA/ BA Degree in Human Resource Management, Management, Public Administration, or related field of studies.


3/5 years with strong HR and general service functions in a project oriented organizations. In addition, experience in IT Company is advantageous.

Additional Training:

Special Certification in HRM is advantageous.

Competencies/ Personal attributes

  • Demonstrate commitment to the vision, mission, core values, aims and principles of eTech S.C, including equal opportunity, gender sensitivity.
  • Having well developed interpersonal and communication skills and ability to work with people of varying background and cultures at different levels of responsibility.
  • Must be able to make fair, unbiased decisions and stay level-headed in difficult situations.
  • Having ability to maintain confidentiality and foster trust and respect.
  • Being self-motivated and highly organized, detail oriented.
  • Exhibit a desire to support a large number of people and units. Technical skills.
  • Well acquainted with Ethiopian Labor Law.
  • Good HR management skills, with the ability to demonstrate skills to work with different people and working units.
  • Strong MS office and the ability to use new technologies.
  • Having strong customer service skills. Languages.
  • Fluency in spoken and written English.
  • Understanding of HR software system is advantageous.


  • Fluency in spoken and written English.

What we will offer

  • Attractive salary.
  • Exciting work environment.
  • Capacity building opportunities.
  • Opportunity to work with highly skilled international experts, and be part of a team that provides high-quality services and products.
  • A Great professional career path towards excellence.

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